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Vietnamese Coffee...
To make the best Vietnamese iced coffee you have to have the right beans. Finely ground, Vietnamese grown, dark roasted coffee beans are essential. Once ground you need a French drip filter and some condensed milk to sweeten things up. Here at The Little Pho Cafe we only use the finest coffee beans from Vietnam and we're sure you'll love the taste.

Vietnamese iced coffee, or Ca phe da or cafe da, are names for Vietnamese iced coffee. If you would like to order your Vietnamese iced coffee with milk then you would say 'Ca phe sua da' or 'ca phe sua da'.
Fresh Fruit Juices...
The Little Pho Cafe has a great selection of fresh fruit juices. We squeeze all our fruit juices in house and they are nothing but one hundred percent fruit. Be sure to check our tasty house special Apple, Pineapple and Mint juice.

Apple & Orange Juice
Orange & Apple
Fresh Apple Juice
Delicious Apple, Pineapple & Mint Juice
Apple, Pineapple & Mint
Freshly Squeeze Orange Juice
Fresh Pinapple Juice
Freshly Crushed Watermelon Juice



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